– Recently lost your license due to drinking and driving? You’re in luck. That’s because Sunset Scooters, a Clearwater, Fla., scooter shop, has discovered what some may refer to as “a legal loophole.”

So, how’s this whole DUI scooter-thing legit? Well, since the vehicle only reaches 20 mph, has pedals and isn’t gas-operated, it doesn’t require a trip to the DMV for tags or registration. That means anyone over the age of 18 can purchase one and take it for a spin immediately.

“These are electric bicycles that happen to look like full-size scooters,” explains Gary Parr, co-owner of Sunset Scooters.

Sunset Scooters discovered the bikes about two years ago when researching transportation options for customers who didn’t have licenses. After realizing what that meant for business, the shop coined the term “DUI Scooters,” slapped up a sign in their front window advertising the merchandise and watched in amazement as people poured into the store.

What’s more fun than riding a scooter? Riding a scooter…on beer! That’s right. Go out and get your 20 mph, governed scooter at the Sunset Scooter shop. It’s a legal loophole that is sure to raise a huge stink throughout the Clearwater community.  Hey, I’m not condoning that DUI convicts should go out and be on the road again, but it seems like a good way for them to get from bar to bar when they need to. I’m just sayin’…No license? Go see Todd. No money due to court fees? Go see Todd. Out of beer and need a ride to the liquor store? Go see Todd. He’s got that for you. Next week: Drunken scooter gangs invade South Florida…