PETITION: This is an urgent bill for Florida residents only.  The Florida Animal Rescue Act has taken some big steps forward. It was passed unanimously in the Senate Community Affairs Committee, and has picked up more sponsors. However, in order to move this bill forward, and bring it to a vote, we need the support of the House and Senate leadership.

A statewide survey of rescue groups across Florida found that 63% of non-profit animal rescue groups have had at least one Florida state shelter refuse to work collaboratively with them and then turn around and kill the very animals they were willing to save. The most common reason given was shelters either having a policy of not working with rescue groups or being openly hostile to doing so. The Florida Animal Rescue Act would make this illegal.

Please let the House and Senate leadership know that they would be fully supported if they moved this bill forward, and would have the gratitude of all Floridians who care about the animals.


If you have a dog or cat or any pet for that matter, I urge you to consider the love you have for your beloved pet and sign & share this.  I rescued my dog Sunny from Miami Dade Animal Services (which has a 65% kill rate).   I found her on a great awareness page for dogs & cats on DEATH ROW in the shelters.  It’s called URGENT DOGS OF MIAMI.  There is also an URGENT CATS OF MIAMI.  Miami Dade Animal Services was a seedy and dark place.  Trust me, I saw it first hand.  Dogs piled in what looks like horse stables all crying out for help.   One food and water bowl being viciously fought over by 6 dogs, the weaker ones (my dog) sit in the back of the stable and starve. It’s horrifying to think shelters would stand in the way of letting great rescues save these poor dogs and cats.   Use the power of social media to put an end to their inhumane ways.

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  1. Your State Upper Chamber Representatives
  2. Your State Lower Chamber Representatives
  3. Gary Aubuchon, Representative
  4. Mike Haridopolos, Senator
  5. Will Weatherford, Representative
  6. Dean Cannon, Representative
  7. Steve Crisafulli, Representative
  8. John Thrasher, Senator

If you live in Florida and you LOVE your FurBaby, please
do them the honor of signing & sharing this post.

My Rescue Dog Sunny & I