If you smoke, you have gotten the munchies. It is just a fact. Why else would you ever eat some of the flavors that Ben & Jerry’s creates? I mean, do we really need to chase our ice cream with cinnamon buns?

A new study by French researchers shows that people who smoke marijuana regularly are less likely to be obese than non-pot smokers. Sounds insane? Well, it’s not. I mean look how skinny Snoop Dogg is? And he smokes mad weed.

“We found that cannabis users are less likely to be obese than non-users,” Dr. Yann Le Strat, French psychiatrist and co-author of a new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology told MSNBC. “We were so surprised, we thought we had [made] a mistake.”

Using data from two epidemiologic studies of U.S. adults, researchers found that between 22% to 25% of participants who didn’t smoke pot were obese.

But only between 14% and 17% of those people who admitted to taking a toke at least three times a week were overweight.

The reason behind the link is not clear. It could be that people who use cannabis also engage in other behaviors that lower their obesity risk. Or it may be that pot smokers exercise more or have a specific diet that keeps them thin, said study researcher Yann Le Strat, a psychiatrist at Louis Mourier Hospital in France.

“On a personal point of view, I would be surprised that cannabis use is associated with a higher rate of physical activity, but this cannot be ruled out,” Le Strat told MyHealthNewsDaily.

Another possibility is that components of cannabis may help people lose weight. If this turns out to be the case, researchers should investigate which components these might be and try to put them into drug form, Le Strat said.

Le Strat said other factors, such as the stoner’s level of physical activity or diets, could have contributed to the results, but his team tried to rule out those factors.

The researchers were also quick to point out that taking bong rips isn’t a good substitute for hitting the gym.

“The take-home message is certainly not ‘smoke cannabis, it will help you lose weight,'” Le Strat said. “The possibility that cannabis is associated with a lower risk of obesity remains an interesting hypothesis, but certainly does not counterbalance its negative effects on health and mental health.”

Le Strat apparently did not look into the other positive medical effects that marijuana offers, such as: treatment of nausea, vomiting, premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, lack of appetite, spasticity, neurogenic pain, movement disorders, asthma, many types of cancer, glaucoma,alcohol abuse,bipolar disorder,depression,epilepsy,Alzheimer’s disease,inflammatory bowel disease, migraines, fibromyalgia, collagen-induced arthritis, and many others. It relieves some symptoms of multiple sclerosis,AIDS, chemotherapy, and spinal cord injuries.

Oh well, I guess we will take the obesity study for now.