"The Glimmer Man"

Former 1990’s action star Steven Seagal is being sued by an employee accusing him of sexual assault and trafficking. It appears that the lawsuit filed by Kayden Nguyen is stating that the “Under Siege 2: Dark Territorystar allegedly tried to use her as his “sex toy”. Nguyen goes on to accuse the master of karate of pushing his hands under her skirt, trying to fondle her breasts, and forcing his hands down her pants. Under Siege indeed! While she was supposedly hired to be Seagal’s executive assistant, it seems that the actor  had a different plan for Miss Nguyen. She goes on to say that he had two young female “attendants” on staff who were available for his sexual needs 24/7 and he tried to get her to play this role. Now Miss Nguyen is “Out for Justice” while seeking over a million dollars in damages.

Isn’t this the same Steven Seagal who woke up out of that coma, killed a bunch of bad guys, then banged the hot chick from “Weird Science”? Why wouldn’t he have 24/7 sex slaves around? Did you ever see him break that guy’s arm completely backwards? It was awesome! This guy could kill you five times before you even hit the floor. If anyone is truly “Above the Law” it’s Steven Seagal. That’s Mr. Seagal to you!

It seems like another case of a money-hungry whore trying to ruin the reputation of yet another one of America’s true heroes. I’ve got news for you lady, Seagal’s reputation is “Hard to Kill”. You’re really treading “On Deadly Ground” with these claims Miss Nguyen. Everyone out there knows that Mr. Seagal has a real “Fire Down Below” for the ladies so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that he made an “Executive Decision” when bringing you on to his staff.

Now you’ve gone and made these outrageous accusations while tainting this great man’s legacy. If Seagal has any faults it’s that he runs like he’s in the 100 meter dash in the Wilton Manor’s Olympics. You ever see him run? Pathetic. That aside, he is a man among men and should be pleasured at will. The truth will come out Miss Nguyen, and at the end of the day, it will be you who is the one “Marked for Death”.