Is bitch ass liver spotted Steve Bannon losing his shit after being removed from the White House Security Council?

It sure would seem like it! Since he had his defacto army of loser bloggers over at Breitbart attack Jared Kushner the President’s son-in-law. You really have to wonder about the credibility of a website like Breitbart, that jumps to the whim of Steve Bannon like a dog trying to get a milk bone.

The funny part is they actually think they are helping Bannon but in reality they make him look worse. Since their credibility is completely blown out of the water and the cat is out of the bag about who is really running things over there at Breitbart. The whole place is basically a journalistic puppet regime run by Bannon out the back door of the White House.

Breitbart is just as dangerous to America as Russian fake news. The only difference is they are selling white nationalist conservatism instead of populism. Both are complete propaganda bullshit and should be avoided at all costs by any decent self-respecting human.