Hold Fast Anchors Founders and Creators Brook O’Neill and Jesse Clinton have been working on something special. Something that the industry needed and has been waiting for. Lucky for all of us Paddle Boarders…it is finally here! Introducing the world’s highest quality, easy to use and most advanced Paddle Board Anchor system ever created!

HFA’s “Complete Stand Up Paddle Board Anchor System” is a compact lightweight system specifically designed for your Stand Up Paddle Board. You can now use your Stand Up Paddle Board for virtually any activity: surfing, fishing, diving, spearfishing, yoga, swimming or just chilling and hanging out with other paddle boards

Fun stuff aside, this system is also designed for safety. Whether you are caught in the wind, a rough current or riptide or just plain exhausted, drop your anchor and take a breather. HOLD your position FAST Hold Fast!

The anchor itself is comprised of marine grade aluminum, while the base is HDPE plastic and stainless steel. This anchor will really impress you, being so easy to use, lasting you years and performing for you and your paddle boarding habits. The entire unit weighs less than two pounds so it won’t slow you down no matter your endeavor.

The basic unit is comprised of the anchor, base, reel, line and mounting plate. There are various mounting options and line choices for your needs or wants as well.

HFAs also has a beautiful line of unique, hip and desirable hats. Whether Flexfit cotton or mesh is your type HFAs has you covered!

Available for sale on the market today, to order your advanced anchor system or hat today please go to:


*Will ship within 3 weeks

Here is some more helpful information for Paddleboarding:


Be safe and have fun out there in the open water!

Happy Paddleboarding Everyone,


Josh Leidolf