If you don’t play Baseball, you’ve probably never had that “Uh oh” feeling when the opposing teams home run hitter steps up to the plate. Despair fills the outfield and the Pitcher gets prepared to throw his best. Regardless, this monster of a player lofts the meatball through the air and decimates your hopes and dreams. On the other hand, you could be this player that just does amazing against one single team. And in the spirit of “dingers” may I present, Gleyber Torres.


The Man, The Myth….


The legend himself, Gleyber Torres of the New York Yankees, is now among the records with 13 home runs against the Baltimore Orioles in one season. Torres hit 26 home runs throughout the season and half of them were against the Baltimore OriolesBeing a fan of Baltimore must be difficult when they’re up against the Yankees. This year alone, the Yankees hit 61 home runs against the Orioles, amassing a mind-blowing record. The old record was 48 home runs, by the 1956 Yankees against the Kansas City A’s! Gleyber Torres helped to create this substantial record by hitting 13 home runs against them in 19 games. What a nightmare he must be to the Baltimore Orioles pitchers.



Devastating Drivers


There aren’t too many situations where players have dominated only one particular team in a season. However there a definitely a few to note. Lou Gehrig, a former Yankee, currently holds the record of 14 home runs against a single team. Accomplishing this feat in 1936 against the Indians. He’ll also be tying at 13 with the ranks of Joe Adcock, Roger Maris, Hank Sauer and Jimmie Foxx. These men are legends for one reason; Demolishing one team over and over when they step up to the plate. I’m not too sure what Gleyber Torres’ issue is with the Baltimore Orioles but, don’t you kind of feel bad for them? If not, look below to savor every bit of these home runs one after the other.