Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you probably would know that there has been a war of the spiders going on between Disney and Sony. Sony currently controls the rights to Spider-Man so this means that Disney is unable to use the character in their movies. This means he would now have disappeared from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously, nobody wants this so hopefully there will be an agreement between the two soon enough.


My Friendly Neighbor Moved Away…


Having taken away a major plot point to multiple movies, Sony has brought a reign of fury upon themselves. Especially since Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has been so darn entertaining since day 1. Don’t ever forget the predecessors of course, but having the quirky teen is a fun additive to the chaos of the Avengers team. This new age era of movies has brought a fun and foolish character to the bunch that you get to see learn and grow. Unfortunately, that’s truly the issue here. We’re invested. The continuation of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man almost feels essential to the future of the MCU.


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


Hopefully we don’t have to hear the words of Uncle Ben again, but it is true. Sony now has a great power in their hands. It is their responsibility to the public to divulge information on the continuation of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Rumors say that there is a new offer on the table between Sony and Disney. Hopefully, the best news will become a reality. These two major companies working something out is critical to the MCU. Personally, I don’t believe Sony will take Spider-Man away from us all and keep him for their greedy selves. Good or bad, expect to see news from the deal in the next month.