Recently in the news we heard about a fertility doctor who was caught inseminating patients with his own sperm when there were no available donors. After an investigation was done it was revealed that Dr. Donald Cline had used his own sperm, at least six people were found to be conceived from the same sperm.

Now another story this one about Sarah Robertson who is suing Reproductive Fertility Center after the clinic lost six vials of sperm that her late husband and her had frozen so that Robertson could get pregnant later on. Robertson’s husband passed away from a genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome, Robertson is afraid that the clinic might have given her husband’s vials to another couple, and her biggest worry is that the family doesn’t know that her husband’s death was from the genetic disorder which could be passed down.

“I lost my whole future, for me everything that I had planned and my children that I was going to have,” she said. “But almost worse than that is living and knowing that there may be children out there that have this horrible disease and they don’t know.”

Robertson isn’t the only one filling a lawsuit against the sperm bank, several families have sued a Georgia-based company over its sales of sperm from a donor it claimed was a neuroscientist, but really the person had schizophrenia and did not have a college degree like the clinic had advertised.

According to the FDA, they only require testing for eight diseases, and there is no regulation on how sperm banks keep track of biological materials or what kinds of genetic testing is done on donors.

“Without regulation, without anybody watching, the sperm banks can basically say they test for whatever they want to say.”