Spain won its first World Cup in dramatic fashion today beating the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time. Spain joins an elite club of only seven other nations that have World Cup championships. This year  also marks the first time in 80 World Cups that neither Italy, Brazil, Germany or Argentina played in the final match. Injecting this new life-blood into the finals made this year super exciting for fans everywhere, especially Spain and the Netherlands who both have long a long history of futbol but no World Cups until today. Having new teams in the final is great for futbol fans everywhere and will only help make the World Cup even more exciting in the future. Its also important to note, that Spain is winning everything lately, Raphael Nadal won Wimbledon and the French Open this year and Alberto Contador is in the running to defend his Tour De France title. If things continue like this, Spain may just be crowned the best sporting nation of the year.