26 year old Margaret Garcia, of South Florida, was arrested on June 9th around Northwest 27th Avenue and 79th Street in Northwest Miami-Dade, following her failed bribery attempt. Garcia was pulled over for speeding in the late hours of the day, and can be seen in body camera footage during her traffic stop trying to hand the police officer a wad of cash, rather then his requested registration.

woman's failed bribery attempt of police officer - Video God

The officer noticed large amounts of marijuana scraps littered around her car, and could smell alcohol on her person. “Audio from the video recording captures the exchange between the partially undressed driver and the police officer when he asks for her license and registration, and she reacts by trying to hand him cash…” [ Read more here ]

WSVN news is reporting that Garcia has been charged with bribery, marijuana possession; and of course, her initial speeding charge. She has since bonded out of jail.