In life, people come and people go; some leave their mark, and some fade into the black. However, some are so impressive in their personalities, their gifts and their craft, that they stay with those who they impact forever. Sunday, June 13, marked a date that will live in Broward infamy. It was the second annual white party on the Catalina, in which Eric Meany and Alexandra Tobin gathered their friends and family to stage a send-off, which will remain in the minds and hearts of all the individuals who were lucky enough to develop a bond with these two people.

Personal ties in a transient place like South Florida can be shaky at best; however, when all your problems pile up, and you’re arsenal of fair-weather-friends simply won’t cut it, Eric and Alex would lean intently over their respective bar-tops to take in all your woes, patiently waiting until 2 am at times to listen to your bull-sh*t, no matter how crappy their night had been. The mark of a true individual rests on how strongly they pour your drinks, and these two definitely don’t skimp on the rum. Between Big City Tavern and 101 Ocean, Alex and Eric have the majority of the 954 covered. From Pompano to Las Olas, the late-night trials and tribulations of the residents of the under-carriage of the service industry (and others) have been healed via the potent salve and AM wisdom of two of Fort Laudie’s finest.

One would think that drunken rants and teary-eyed diatribes would be enough to propel these two toward higher aspirations, yet in the ultimate gesture of grace and thanks, Alex and Eric decided to repeat their uber-party in which white was the standard. Last year, the focus was Meany Mania…Eric’s 30th birthday, but this year, the guest list doubled and the premise was much more poignant: Eric and Alex’s flight from South Florida to San Diego.

The blueprint remained similar: the white attire, DJ 911, a professional photographer and all the booze that one’s withered liver could possibly handle! One hundred plus individuals attended while the scorching South Florida sun tested the limits of what a true partier could endure. Although celebration of birth was not the main event, the spirit remained the same…get wasted in the name of MEANY AND TOBIN!!!

As stated previously, some come and some go, but some stay around in memory forever. Eric and Alex, your spirits will remain here with these unfortunate souls who have to endure the daily grind without having you to look forward to at the end of their day or (in the case of the unlucky service professional) their night. Your smiling faces were a blessing to anticipate, and your outrageously lopsided cocktails, in favor of the spirit, were a guaranteed way in which to drown out the drabness of the day. You would let us stay later in your bars, even though you were probably exhausted and wanted to close, simply because you enjoyed our company and appreciated our patronage. Everyone desperately appreciated your drinks, and wholly more, yourselves, as you are individuals who are true to your craft, your friends and your families…South Florida wishes you great health, great fortune and and great happiness, as you have given all here all of these things with your whole hearts and whole spirits…Thank You…

Your Friends at the South Florida Chronicle and everywhere else in the 954,

we love you,

good luck.