SANTAS naughty and nice listBeachFront News Naughty & Nice List: Christmas 2009 Nice Jose Gonzalez The Al Bundy of BeachFront News Frenchie Jose’s better half, you make the list just for putting up with him Taylor My fave stylist, way to keep me looking fresh Chris Jordan BFN resident artistic mastermind Felix Gonzalez BFN CEO, so in love he salsa dances in the shower Steve “the Climax” Climie Welcome to the other side of the bar, brotha Brian Blair BFN webmaster, is a masterpiece – pat yourself on the back Justin Wyse BFN office manager – great first month, big guy Harry and Laura Linet Happy Holidays, guys – can’t wait for Winterfest Boat Parade Blizzle On the nizzle lizzle (Nice list)? There must be a mistake (just kidding love you, buddy!) Dan the Man Thanksgiving was awesome – your family rocks. Tom Finn Our resident tech wiz – thanks for all the help, buddy Boomer Thanks for making our work just so, so pretty all the time Mike Hagerty and family It’s Oliver’s first Christmas! Aunt B and Uncle J Miss you guys Ryan Rogers You Seminole Hard Rockers make covering shows a pleasure Damien Bart Great job on my ink, can’t wait to come in again Naughty Tonia Latesta Don’t be crankers; we love you. Wanna hug it out? Jessica Munson Munster, don’t be a cheese, we miss you Carlos If we don’t get girls’ we get Primanti Brothers; it’s like we win either way Booster In the words of the All American Rejects, “When you see my face I hope it gives you hell” Holly the Corn Princess C’mon babe, you didn’t really think you’d be on the Nice list, did ya? Carrie Prejean I’ve never watched anyone commit Media Suicide before – impressive Tiger Woods Brotha, your fall from grace has been Epic; well played. Glad to know you’re human Missy Kay Stop making me go out on weekdays! Melissa Soldani You’re on the Naughty list just for being a Red Sox fan Mikey G For moving out of the BFN Mansion Broner Give me a ring on the Brone Phone already, jeesh Mark Schram I can’t believe you used me for a reference Phil and JK You guys are so bad, you’re almost good – happy holidays Lauren Dell We know what you do at the Alexander James Murphy It was you, Fredo Ann Zarrelli For moving to Jacksonville; tell Holly Deuce I said hi Scott Rothstein Hey, Scott, if all else fails, remember the words of John Lennon: Happiness is a warm gun For everyone else, if we forgot you, we got you. Happy Holidays, South Florida. Patrick, out.

The economy has even hit Santa hard who was forced to cut his Sleigh budget by 60%

The economy has even hit Santa hard, forcing him to cut his sleigh and reindeer budget by 95%