You got questions, we got answers. Q: Dear South Florida Philosophy: I’m taking the family out on the boat this weekend. Can you suggest a good waterside restaurant? – H2O diner in Fort Lauderdale A: If I were you, I would head to 15th Street Fisheries. They have a great dockside cafe (try the peel-and-eat shrimp), with a laid-back attitude. If you eat outside you can also feed the tarpon (they’re giant fish), which is worth the price of admission right there. Or dine upstairs and enjoy the breathtaking view of the water (and try their superb miso-glazed Chilean sea bass). To find the 15th Street Fisheries by boat is easy:  just head for the 17th Street Causeway Bridge – you’ll find the restaurant right before the bridge, on the western side of the shore. Bon apetit! (That’s ‘Boomer’ for “Enjoy!”) Q: Dear South Florida Philosophy: I’m thinking about buying a boat with an inboard engine, but my friends tell me outboard is better. Is that true? A: Outboard is better. Outboard engines are usually less expensive than inboards. They are much easier to replace, and can be lifted out of the water when not in use, or for maintenance. If you do get an outboard, make sure it’s a four stroke; many used outboard motors are two strokes. It’s also important to note that outboard engines are specifically designed for boats; most inboard engines were designed for cars and adapted for marine use. Q: Dear SFl Philosophy: I was thinking about buying a boat but the Freedom Boat Club sounds like a great deal. Do you know anyone who is a member? A: You’re talking to one. Everyone we know loves it. You get all the fun of owning a boat, without any of the cleaning and upkeep. They also have a host of different vessels, meaning you can pick a boat that’s suited for whatever it is you want to do that day. All-in-all, it’s a great value. Give them a call at 1-866-390-2628; they have a great Boat Show special: $199 a month and no fees till 2010. That’s so cheap, as the Prodigy likes to say, why wouldn’t you do it? Q: Dear South Florida Philosophy: I was with my girlfriend last night, about to do a little ‘boom-chick-a-brown-cow.’ Afterwards, she said, “you have no idea where the man in the boat is, do you?” What does that mean? I don’t even own a boat, and if I did, why would there be a man in it? A: I think what she’s trying to say is, if your love life was a boat and you were the captain, you wouldn’t be able to find port. Tighten up buddy: a man has to be a captain, and captains bring their ship home. So get back in there and take care of your ‘Love Boat,” Captain Steubing. Q: Dear South Florida Philosophy: I’m thinking about buying a jet ski, but I don’t know what brand is good. Can you give me some pointers? A: The manufacturers of the most popular jet skis are Honda, Polaris, Kawasaki, Sea Doo, and Yamaha. Yamaha makes the popular WaveRunner models, like the WaveRunner FX Cruiser High Output, WaveRunner FX140, WaveRunner XLT1200, and the WaveRunner GP800R. The other brands are good, too, but we like WaveRunners because the brand has been around forever and the skis run tight and smooth. Q: Dear South Florida Philosophy: How come every time a boat sinks, it’s women and children first? What happened to equal rights? A: You know, that’s a good point. If women want to be completely equal, they’re going to have to take the same chances of drowning as the rest of us. I still can’t believe that chick in Titanic couldn’t make room for DiCaprio on that floating door; that thing was huge!SFlPhilo