Overpaid and over tattooed rapper Soulja Boy was arrested in Temple, Georgia heading west on west on I-20 around 2:30 AM this week. The rapper’s rented Cadillac Escalade after he was pulled over for a traffic violation.

Once pulled over, police discovered a gang of marijuana, cash, and guns. The rapper and four others (one of which was the Escalades’s driver) were held in Carrol County Jail while awaiting an appearance before the judge.

It is initially estimated that Soulja Boy was in possession of marijuana and cash that exceeded $70,000. Temple Police spokesperson Dana Rampy indicated that their was “a lot of marijuana” the value was substantially lower than $70K. Nonetheless, the rapper has been charged with felony possession of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute.

No word on whether or not the guns that police found in Soulja Boy’s vehicle were properly registered. But the rapper has been charged with felony possession of a weapon in commission of a crime. It also remains unclear how many guns were in the vehicle.

Rampy indicated that Soulja Boy and his four associates were extremely co-operative and the rapper was released on a $10,000 bond the afternoon of his arrest. The others arrested with Soulja Boy include Gregory Allen Latimore, Cameron Andres Wagner, Dontay Lamar Bates, and James Raymond Smith, who has an outstanding warrant for his arrest originating from Loundes County.