Cuddle party, sounds f*cking awesome! Naturally I immediately thought of the Chef, nobody needs to be cuddled more than that guy. So if there is anyone in the Boston metropolitan area that is throwing a cuddle party or is maybe thinking about throwing a cuddle party. I would like to you to please invite our staff writer Chef. As a little bonus and token of our appreciation we will send the Chef with a crisp $100 bill to thrown down on the festivities. Just leave a comment on this post and let us know when and where and we will pay for your next cuddle party! All we ask is that you spend the whole $100 on the cuddle party and don’t just by two streamers and a candle than pocket the other $72 bucks, be a good sport. Oh yeah and you have to be willing to allow us to video the cuddle party for our website. That’s it, no other strings attached. If your ready to cuddle here are’s rules for a cuddle party.

Cuddle Party: The original, and still the standard. Wear PJs, start with an orientation circle, get down to 2 hours of…cuddling. You can’t say no to any hug. The event usually culminates in a “puppy pile” of multiple cuddlers.

Cuddle party picture montage, this could be you!