Those of you who work at the Chronicle or are a current of prospective client of Chronic Inc may have heard from our favorite and most recent disgruntled employee today. And though it’s usually amusing to watch a middle-aged man completely break down, its important to remember that mental illness is no laughing matter. That’s why we at Chronic Inc suggest Daro-lan to all of our friends who act like tards. After all its one thing to be a tard and its a whole nother to act like one out of stubbornness and ignorance.

Just kidding Shooter you know I love you like rash and I just want you to know that, it’s totally not me, its you!

In closing I wish you the best Shooter, you’re a very talented man so I’m sure you will be on too much bigger and better things than our little humble newspapers and website. That being said Gods Speed big guy see you in the funny pages!!!

Here is a video that reminds me of you enjoy!

EMBED-Businessman Rampage In Hotel Lobby – Watch more free videos