Tony Parker has been caught “e-cheating” with a third woman. Not only was he caught sexting with the wife of one of his fellow teammates, and an actress from the TV show “Bones”, now a third woman has come forward.  Nineteen-year-old British model Sophia Egeler has recently admitted to friends that she met the basketball superstar at a UFC fight in London and has been pursuing her ever since.

Egeler says Parker convinced her to go to a local hotspot, but when 1 a.m. rolled around, she wanted to leave.  Parker followed her out into the street, begging her not to leave. After that night, she claims he has been texting her almost everyday as well as sending more half naked photos of himself to her.

It’s actually pretty hilarious, I think. You have one of the most sought after women in Hollywood, and you’re SEXting half naked photos of yourself to a 19 year old model. Genius, Tony.