Just when I was beginning to think women’s sports where boring, along comes Elizabeth Lambert, easily the most hardcore player that women’s collegiate soccer has ever seen. Lambert plays womens soccer like she’s on the ice in the NHL. Seen here in an ESPN video showing New Mexico’s 0-1 loss to BYU, you can see Lambert tackle, kick and then punch members of the other team. The most brutal part has to be the ponytail-pull of BYU player Kassidy Shumway: BFN Sports has never seen anything like it – Lambert pulls Kass right off her feet! Result: Lambert has been suspended for her actions by New Mexico. By way of apology, Ka-blam!bert offered: “This is in no way indicative of my character or the soccer player I am. I am sorry to my coaches and teammates for any and all damages I have brought upon them. I am especially sorry to BYU and the BYU women’s soccer players that were personally affected by my actions.”