So Fresh So Clean
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  This week we have the “So Fresh So Clean” look. The smoothness of this ensemble can be described as street-hop hipster.  This is a characteristic day in the hood look that offers comfort and class without getting in the way of a good time.  The classic Zatiny denim jeans by Diesel showcase the outfit by slimming the legs and adding a slight sag in the pockets, so that the Trendscape-fitted cotton plaid can drape without hiding the signature stitching in the back pockets. To accent the blue-with-white wash in these jeans, I recommend the 2009 Nike Air Max Wright in white with navy blue swoosh. Air Max has always been a sick street shoe and wearing them shows the boys you know what’s right in the foot wear game.  Be sure to keep the laces loose and tuck the front cuff of the pants inside the tongues. Keep the sag right with a Nixon enamel icon belt in black leather. Wha’ts cool about these straps are the interchangeability of the buckles, which you can order off the website. Speaking of straps: Nooka and DDC Lab bring you this truly unique “collab” watch. Custom reflective silver fabric is used on the band of the watch, with bright red stitching to accent tons of outfits. It’s all digital, so no worrying about springing ahead or falling behind.  
If you are going to be rolling this true, make sure you get the Beats headphones by Dr. Dre.  These wireless blue-tooth headphones work best with iPhones, Zune players, and Blackberrys. I just can’t say enough about these eardrum busters, and they certainly offer one of the clearest signals available in wireless today. While you’re at it, show the ‘hood that you protect your valuables while sporting this Halo 3 polyester chain wallet.  Hey, it’s got Velcro and a chain; what else do you need?

I’m not going to say much more about this get-up. But I really think if you’re going to invest in some grade “A” baller sunglasses, make sure they’re these Bold Blacks by Sean John, one of the trendiest providers of fashion eye wear today. Finish off with a mist of Chrome by Loris Azzaro and you’re ready for anything that comes along; and, hopefully, she’s out meeting the neighbors, too. – The Chef