Welcome to the future of snorkeling with this amazingly convenient and fun new apparatus called the Snorkl. Whether you are just leisurely snorkeling or rigorously exercising the Snorkl is your Go To! It keeps your face completely dry, gives you a 180 degree peripheral view and air tight seal with 100% zero chance of fogging up on you! It’s amazing!!! So amazing that their users have reported spending 3X more time snorkeling than with traditional gear.


SNORKL 2.0 and SNORKL 3.0 Features includes:

Dry Top Technology

Camera Mount

180 Extra Wide Lens

Double Air Flow/Anti-Fog Channel

Drain Valve Design

Adjustable Fabric Straps

Silicone Lining For Ultimate Comfort

GoPro Mount

Breathe easily through tube with dry-top system that prevents water from coming in once completely underwater

Straps to adjust for more secure fit

Your mouth is free with no mouth piece so you may talk plus breathe naturally

Mesh Bag For Easy Travel

Increased field of vision

Perfected dry-top system does not leak like 1.0

Can be broken down and placed in mesh bag for easy travel

Increased 180 degree field of vision

Security: Snorkl tube can be seen from 4 times further away than a traditional Snorkel

Tube is secure and not loose like in old model

Improved anti-fogging system

Increased comfort

Snorkl tube can be seen from 5X further away

Why Choose Snorkl?

They are the real deal: Their patented Snorkeling mask was the first “full face mask” to be released back in 2010. Since then they kept on innovating to stand out from their competition. With them you know you are at the edge of technology and quality.

They Take Care Of You

THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE! HANDS DOWN! They provide the best customer care at every step of the way. They are a small business so they actually do care and listen to all of their customer feedback unlike larger companies out there where you are just another customer. Because they want to do their best so everyone is happy, they are proud to have been awarded two years in a row the best and most flexible exchange/return policy from a panel of selected e-commerce websites.

4.8 / 5 Stars out of 100+ reviews




The Snorkl Team

These are the awesome people who will be taking care of you whether you are on our live chat, sending us an email inquiry or chatting with us on our social media pages. Our goal is to make sure you are completely happy at every step of the way starting from before you buy, while you purchase and anything you may need even months after you have purchased from us.

Snorkl Team




SUPPORT A SMALL LOCAL FAMILY BUSINESS. They are a small family business located in Florida. Not only do they do everything by themelves here in the USA, but 10% of all our margins go directly to the protection of endangered species on our coasts. Since they started their business they managed to heal and bring back to the ocean more than 20 injured sea turtles. It may not seem like a lot, but for them and me that means the world.


Choose from Snorkl 3.0, Snorkl 2.0 or Snorkl Kids!

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Enjoy the future of snorkeling,

Josh Leidolf