Hello everyone in TV land! Welcome to the February edition of the South Florida chronicle, Super Bowl Edition. Thats right, folks, the Super Bowl is in town and it brought its little brother, the Pro Bowl, with it. Whats that you say? the Pro Bowl is in Hawaii? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Anyway, as I pen this Im about to watch the division championships so we dont know who the two Super Bowl teams will be yet. We do however know who’s going to be in the Bud Bowl: same two teams every year Bud Heavy and Bud Light, Miller Light lost again in the playoffs. I’m going with Bud Heavy this year, their red label just looks tougher than Bud Lights wimpy blue, besides Ive always believed real men drink Bud Heavy.

Talk about toughness, how about the NFL’s resident old man in the league, Brett Favre. Can the veteran go all the way or is Drew Breeze going to win his first division playoff game? Peyton Manning Vs. the Jets, can he score on their shut down defense? I think so. Either way you look at it, this is a great race to the Super Bowl and we are right here in the middle of the action South Florida!

Not only that, but the weather is finally back to normal. So you can put away those ridiculous winter hats I see you guys wearing every time the temperature dips below 65* F. Thats right put  your board shorts back on and head down to Blondies, pick yourself up a BeachFront News and just kick it. This issue is hotter than JWow in the morning!

Come on now, don’t act like I’m the only one watching the Jersey Shore! The Situation and Pauly D, I wanna fist pump with those guys! Yup, the Jersey Shore cast has been all over South Florida this month. Snooki hosted a fist pumping contest at Opium at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and its been rumored they payed her 10 G’s to show up! Then later in the month, the Situation and JWow hosted a Wednesday night at Mansion. Is any one else not surprisd the Jersey shore cast fits right in here in South Florida? It makes perfect sense, we’re awesome and they’re awesome.

Speaking of awesome, check out the Bugatti on pg. 39. If that’s not awesome enough for you, we have Gilbert Arenas’ Golden Saddam Hussain-esque pistol on pg. 23. Still not enough for you? Check out this month’s South Florida Philosophy on pg. 29 and get all your questions answered. If it’s amazement you’re looking for, turn to page and check out Anthony Isaac Palacios’ piece on the possibility of humans being able to regrow body parts pg.43. I know one Mr. Bobbit  who would love to see that technology developed! Need something to do tonight? Check out pg.20 compliments of our new events Editor, Tom Finn. Last but not least dont miss the Underbelly on the last two pages of every issue. In these trying times everyone can use a good laugh. “As Norm Peterson said its a dog eat dog world and im wearing milk-bone underwear”. See you next month kids, and remember if we forgot ya we got ya.

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