Simon Cowell just turned 57 years old. The man has had quite a career of reality tv shows and has an impressive resume regarding the shows. Simon is a British man known for his rude comments and honest answers regarding shows. E! Newsreports on the TV career this man has had by the numbers. In 2002 Simon started as a judge on the show “American Idol” and was the judge for 9 seasons. He was known for his blunt criticism of contestants. Simon has judged 6 shows. American and British Idol shows, both X-factor shows and both countries’ Talent shows.

Simon Cowell has just signed on for three more seasons of America’s Got Talent. Simon also has a big ear for talent. More than 20 artists owe Simon Cowell for starting their careers. He jumped started careers for Fifth Harmony, Leona Lewis, and even the boy band One Direction. The man has had quite the career and will keep on doing some amazing things over the years.