Simon and Paula reunited???

Yes, folks, the man everyone loves to hate may be leaving the show he helped create. Simon Cowell announced today that he will be leaving American Idol to appear on his own show, X-factor that has just been picked up in the U.S. by Fox. X-factor, slated to hit airways in the states in 2011, is already a big hit in the UK, spawning the career of singer Leona Lewis. Simon said in a press conference that he “didnt think it would be right to do two shows in America.” so this would be his last year on Idol. Idol fans, don’t fret– X-factor is a lot like Idol with only a few minor differences, mostly in that the auditions are live, music groups are welcome, and the judges mentor the groups instead of merely offering sharp-tongued critiques,  actually serving to make the judges part of the contest with a responsibility to the aspiring talent. And, who better than Miss Paula Abdul (who would obviously be a more than qualified judge/mentor) to team up with Simon to round out the X-factor and make a triumphant return to prime-time television?  Simon has already gone public saying that he adores Paula and that whatever happens, he will be working with her in some capacity. Simon also stated it was a good time to leave Idol because he wanted to leave while the show was still on top.