ShelfPack: The Future of Baggage is Here!


ShelfPack is a futuristic revolutionary new roller suitcase that turns into a chest of drawers upon arrival at your destination. Instead of stuffing and cramming your T-shirts, socks and clothing into any available space, ShelfPack comes with four built-in shelves to help you keep organized and ready to go.

This suitcases unique and intricate design makes it the ideal travel companion for anyone tired of being unorganized while traveling and having to constantly pack and unpack at each new arrival.

This suitcase literally allows you to create your own shelves within the luggage itself. It is extremely easy to setup, just follow the instructions, takes about 20 seconds and saves lots of time not having to pack and unpack each time. Forget rummaging through your bag looking for an article of clothing, now all of your clothes can be organized in neat shelves and all toiletries and smaller items can be placed into one of the three conveniently located outside pockets. Of course, it is equipped with roller wheels for easy to move luxury and you can tell that the bag itself is made of high quality materials and will last a very long time. No more wrinkles, show up to your destination with wrinkle-free, organized clothing articles ready to take on your vacation.

I can’t tell you the frustration this piece of luggage has saved me on my very first vacation with it. I usually spend most of my time unpacking and unpacking upon arrival and departure, but not anymore. Now I can just lower the shelves, zip up the bag and spend more time on vacation relaxing at the bar.



If you travel then you need to travel with the ShelfPack. Quick and Conveniently shipped from California, the ShelpPack costs $349.00. Get yours Today at:




Enjoy your extra free time and travels,

Josh Leidolf