Shaun Rogers: American Hero

The Cleveland Browns’ massive defensive tackle, Shaun Rogers, gets my vote for biggest idiot of 2010. It appears that Rogers tried to bring a cocked and loaded, semi-automatic handgun though the security checkpoint of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport earlier this week. It seems that Rogers is completely oblivious to a little something called 9/11. Either he is the most forgetful man in the country (which is the story he’s sticking to), or Shaun Rogers is obviously an anti-terrorism agent for the airlines. While channeling his inner Wesley Snipes, Rogers is most definitely our modern day Passenger 57. Think about it. Who would expect a 6’4″, 350 lb NFL lineman to be protecting our spacious skies from Al Qaeda and other terrorist cells, most certainly not Bin Laden. This was all part of the airline’s procedure in order to not blow Roger’s cover. Now that Rogers ┬áhas “pretended” to be arrested he can go back to keeping America safe and sound as usual. When reached for comment, Rogers only had one thing to say, “Always bet on black.”