Many male celebrities have had bad luck following the publication of a certain magazine. E! Newsreports that Brad Pitt has been crowned sexiest man alive not once, but two times. The title is considered an honour but E! News wonders if the title comes with a little bit of bad luck. Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise have all won the title of People magazine’s sexiest man alive. “Being a celebrity is one facet of yourself but it certainly isn’t the whole shebang”, said Brad Pitt during an interview for his movie Spy Games.

Brad Pitt is now in an ugly divorce with Angelina Jolie. Johnny Depp also snagged the honour in 2001 and 2003 but he didn’t look so good this past summer when Amber Heard said that Johnny abused her. 2002’s winner was Ben Affleck, and he had one of the most solid reputations in Hollywood. Ben was forced to deny an affair with his nanny in the wake of his divorce with Jennifer Gardner. Tom Cruise was the sexiest man alive in 1990 but its not the same after his couch jumping antics.