The brainchild of restaurateur Buzzy Sklar and owner of The Forge Shareef Malnik is a new local watering hole that is more reminiscent of trips to Aspen rather than your normal nearby dive.   The Well which sits next to The Forge in Mid Beach is setting a new standard in the art of perfecting a truly unconventional idea.   The Well is about as far [west] as you can get from the typical sun & glam of South Beach.  When you walk in you get hit in the face with the rich smell of wood throughout.   If you feel like venturing around check out the VIP local’s room in the back with the large candle lit fireplace and massive antler chandeliers or take a look at the beautiful 50 foot across back lit stained glass window ceiling in the Tiffany room.


A must try if you go is one of their paninnis or cheese boards.   My personal favorite board was  The Godfather [prosciutto de parma, fresh buffalo mozzarella,  roasted red peppers, parmesan and olives].    Dont feel pressed for time either, because it’s open until 3am everyday, (Thursday, Friday, Saturday until 5am).   And in addition to their great happy hour, they also have a special little something for the ladies.  It’s called “Well Deserved Thursdays” and girls who come in with their girlfriends on Thursdays from 9-11pm drink for free!!   Now you really don’t have to travel far at all for a taste of a winter getaway.  My prediction is that this is THE new trendy hang out in Miami Beach.