Picture this for a second, a room where the tall glass walls are surrounded by hints of blues and sea greens, and everything smells astonishingly crisp and clean.   The room is open and surrounding the circumference of this circular shaped room were what looked like lots of white dentist chairs hovered over by what looked like little “nurses.”   In the middle of this sterile and serene space is a big waterfall.  What does this sound like?  It sounds like a European style spa, a design that’s not so utilized out here.  Except for at famed medi-spa Spa-E on Lincoln road.  I actually have a friend Danielle who works here so I came in to check out the place couldn’t resist getting a treatment, so I ended up getting what is called a “Ménage a Spa“.   It’s basically a mani-pedi & a deep cleansing seaweed facial performed simultaneously.  Sounds crazy, right?   Imagine that, three super relaxing services all being performed.. at the very same time!   Uhm, yeah – aaamazing!!

The location isn’t exactly small, but it’s not exactly giant either.   So I was pretty shocked when Danielle was telling me all the things this place can do!  It has the only social oxygen bar in Miami, state of the art scientific equipment to get rid of cellulite, pharmaceutical grade eyelash growth services, endermologie, and more.  And a cool thing about anyone who loves facials is Spa-E has the longest list of the  most unusually fantastic facials I’ve ever heard of.   From special vitamin & oxygen masks, to firming and anti aging masks, and even the ‘4 Layer Fetish Mask’ which was written about in Cosmopolitan UK as “The Best Facial Of The Century”.  Basically it’s 4 layered masks to rejuvenate, tone and firm skin with super fast results.

The only downside about Spa-E is that although it’s in a heavily foot-trafficked area on Lincoln Road, it’s tucked away in a small little known courtyard in between Sushi Samba & Next Cafe.  So next time your walking in that area, take a peak.   And ask for Danielle, my friend – she’s the best!   And if you’re feeling like pampering yourself you could try the “Ménage a Spa” like I did, or take a look online (click here) for a list of their other amazing treatments.   The Queen Bee (Honey Almond Body Polish, Pedicure, Manicure & 4 Layer Facial) is an awesome one, and it lasts for over 2 hours.  Or, if you’re in a pinch with time you could do a quickie Seaweed Body Wrap & Facial that only lasts an hour.


Courtyard Garden Lincoln Center