To locals in South Beach, the Sigafredo name is synonymous with class, beauty and trendy overpriced martinis. Just like every other fashionable cafe on the beach, most everyone always sits outside and people watches well into the wee late hours. The outside dining area is decorated with over-sized princess chairs, regal looking benches and mismatched  love seats. If shabby chic and the London Underground had a design child, this would be it. But, being one of the hippest cafés in South Beach will of course have it’s downfalls — the service I’ve found is very hit or miss. They are either moderately full and attentive,  or way too crowded and have the ability to completely forget you are there. Yes I’m aware sometimes it could just be the server, but there has been at least two times I’ve been there where I’ve had to physically go inside and ask for my server to come to the table because they disappeared.

But when the service is good, it’s great, and the mixology menu is as big as the city with an endless list of every different type of martini you can imagine. Most of the cocktails are ones you may have never even heard before, and they are all worth a try. The food is usually tasty,  except I did try the paninis when I took my dad there; and they were not as good as I expected.

All in all, for people watching (the one on Lincoln is best for this) or if you straight up want to go clubbing (the one in Brickell has an actual nightclub) Sigafredo is great for that.   The beautiful people,  the fab decor & yummy drinks – but be sure to bring at least a $100 to have any sort of a good two person cocktail experience here.

Drinks – Overpriced, but well made.
Service – Usually good service.
Food – Eat dinner elsewhere.
The Experience – The best people watching and cocktail hours in Miami.
Music – All the locations play amazing house music, and usually with a live DJ spinning.