If you like sunglasses at night, bedazzled shirts and repetitive cliché’ pop music, this is not the stop for you. South Beach’s best kept secret amongst the “beautiful people who love to get ugly” Automatic Slims, offers an escape from the textbook Miami style of night clubs. Not another Sobe cookie cutter venue, Automatic Slims is definitely an oasis from the fakeness. Cocktail waitresses adorned in sexy two piece school girl like outfits, jello shots come in syringes that are squeezed into your mouth, rock & roll stickers stemming from bands and cities all around the world stuck on every which wall, an actual trailer parked in the back, and of course, a shiny stripper pole are what make Slims, in my opinion, the best “dive bar chain” in South Florida.

Located on Washington Ave in what seems to be an area flooded with a high level of tourists and your typical bedazzled shirt crowd (it’s getting really old, at least for me), Slims truly gives you a feeling of being home away from the BS. Locals have flocked here since its opening, and if you share a taste for alternitive rock and ’80s music, scantily clad women and the best drink prices in South Beach, Slims is a must stop on your list–local OR visitor.

Also a little tip…right next to Automatic Slims is a Mexican eatery called Peppers, so after a night of hard partying, stop by there for awesome drunk food. It closes at 6 a.m. Sounds like a great night to me!

Drink Prices – Moderate cocktail prices, $5 Jello Shots

Location – Washington Ave

Dress Code – Casual

Music – Rock & Roll, ’80s, alternative

Must See – The trailer set up in the back with the TV and extra seating! Great to hang out with and relax with friends.

Size – Very small (South Beach Location)

Rating – 4/5