We’re in the thick of wedding season, and it’s no secret that most brides will spare no expense to look their very best on the big day. But, there may be some competition for the mirror now, as grooming has become a big priority for the groom. “A little nervous, but I’m ready for it,” Adam Feldberg said. He’s taking extra precautions to look his best when he marries Alexandra Witman.“She specifically told me don’t touch my skin care products, so obviously the first thing I did was try a little of this, try a little bit of that,” he said.

Witmancould tell something was amiss. “My cabinet was literally perfect. That’s how I knew he was stealing my stuff,” she said. As CBS2’s Kristine Johnson explained, all it took was a little experimenting to turn Feldberg into a full skin-care convert. “I never thought I would be the guy to pick up one of these exfoliators,” he said.

Anthony Sosnick is the founder of Anthony Brands, a men’s skin care line.He said men are open to trying almost anything to be a well-groomed groom. One of the most popular products is a lotion that turns into powder. It’s said to help the user feel cool under pressure. “There’s going to be pictures that are going to last a lifetime, so I thought this was a great opportunity to have these touch ups and enhance my best features,” John Immordino said. Experts suggested that grooms start thinking about their skin care and any possible procedures three to six months before the big day.