As people get older, they get introduced to this thing called alcohol. You probably remember the first time you were involved with alcohol and how much it affected you. Most people usually have lower tolerances so they don’t indulge themselves too much upon first taste. However, other people binge on alcohol on no other level. What happens when you drink too much? You wake up with biggest headache, otherwise known as; The Hangover. People of all cultures have their own cures for hangovers. Here are some foods that maybe you didn’t know slapped you right back into action.




If you’ve never heard of menudo, then you’re in for a treat here. Menudo is a spicy soup made South of the US border. If you’ve ever been to a Mexican restaurant this is the go-to cure for all things hangover. Chilis, hominy and tripe are what decorate this flavorful fiesta in your mouth. Though it does aid your stomach with the alcohol, if you’re weak to types of food, then this may not be for you. Tripe is the lining of a cow’s stomach. If that doesn’t scare you away, then by all means feast on this amazing soup.




Similar to Mexican culture in this way, South Koreans also have a soup that is their go-to cure for a hangover. This hearty soup is filled with cabbage, vegetables and beef broth for all of the sodium and nutrients your body requires. If you’re still not sure, Haejang-guk actually directly translates to “soup to chase a hangover!”


English Breakfast


If you didn’t already guess it, the benefits and nutrients that come in your standard breakfast combat a hangover perfectly. Eggs, bacon, beans, toast and everything else. All of these are filled with carbohydrates, proteins, sodium and all the sugars your body needs to be back in action.


Hair of the Dog


This one is probably the most internationally accepted (frowned upon?) method of curing a hangover. No, don’t eat the hairs off of your dog. That hair of the dog that bit you refers to ignoring your body’s reasoning of needing sustenance other than alcohol. In fact, many people will chip right back up with a Bloody Mary, a Mimosa or even an Irish Coffee. These are all alcoholic drinks that will prepare you for round 2!