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Scratch Academy alumni showing their skills

Scratch Academy alumni showing their skills

When it comes to cool jobs, is there anything cooler than being a DJ? If being a DJ is great, then being recognized as a kick ass DJ is even better! But where would you go if you wanted to pursue a career in this hot side of the entertainment industry?. The Scratch Academy in Miami. If you’re at a club or trendy bar in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, there’s a pretty good chance that the person on the one and twos is Academy alumni. BeachFront News caught up the Miami Scratch Academy’s owner and resident master of the mix in his own right, DJ Immortal. Immortal was joined by beat-smiths old and new for Scratch Academy’s opening in the Miami design district. Here’s how it went down.

2d2gc: The Scratch Academy is a school for DJs. How long have you been teaching the technique to the aspiring?

DJ Immortal: Scratch was founded by the legendary Jam Master Jay from Run DMC back in 2002. We have locations in New York, L.A., and Miami. Our Miami school has been open since 2004.

2d2gc: Your new location is in Miami’s design district. How are you guys liking your new digs?

DJ Immortal: We love it. Many of our students come from North Miami, Broward County, and West Miami, so it’s much easier for students to get to the school and find parking. We also love the artistic atmosphere in the design district.  We are already working with many local artists in Miami and showcasing art at the Academy daily.

2d2gc: Whats your favorite track to drop right now?

DJ Immortal: I’m into more obscure tracks, but in the clubs you gotta drop Akon and David Guetta’s “Sexy Bitch!”

2d2gc: Where are some of the former students of Scratch Academy performing now?

DJ Immortal: We have Scratch Academy graduates in all the hottest clubs like Cameo, Mokia, Set, Liv, Mondrian, Love Hate, and Buck 15, just to name a few.

2d2gc: Do students need to provide their own equipment?

DJ Immortal: All equipment and records are provided by the Academy. We start students off by learning the traditional style of DJing with vinyl records. Students then progress to using CDs and eventually MP3s and laptops.

2d2gc: Who were some of the DJs that played at your opening?

DJ Immortal: Instructors and students like DJs DZA, Rob Riggs, Hurricane, K-razor, Daillo.

2d2gc: How can students enroll for the Scratch Academy?

DJ Immortal: They can go to to register or call us at 305.576.3869.

2d2gc: Do students have trouble finding jobs after they graduate?

DJ Immortal: No, there is a huge demand for DJs in South Florida. Every club, lounge, restaurant and clothing store needs a DJ. It all depends on how dedicated the student is to working as a professional DJ.

2d2gc: Who’s your favorite DJ?

DJ Immortal: Many. Spinbad, Craze, K-Razor, and too many more to name.

2d2gc: If you were stuck on a desert island with only one record, what would it be?

DJ Immortal: If I was stranded on an island I would probably have to say Bob Marley.

2d2gc: What’s the best thing about teaching the trade to up-and-coming beat-smiths?

DJ Immortal: Just watching them develop as DJ’s and finding their style. Some students come to class playing just Hip Hop, and by the end of the semester they’ve discovered their passion for all music genres like Electronic, Rock, Funk, and other styles.

2d2gc: Time for a classic BFN question. You have to kill one, sleep with one, and marry one, okay? Lady Ga Ga, Sarah Palin, Chelsea Lately?

DJ Immortal: *laughs* No comment, but I will say this: DJs do it all night.

If you’re ready to become the epic DJ you’ve always wanted to be, go to to register, or call the Scratch Academy at 305.576.3869. The Scratch Academy is located in the heart of Miami’s design district.[mappress]

Dj Immortal

Dj Immortal