Pey Pey and Ray Ray

8:15 Saturday- Ravens at Colts MVP Peyton Manning is looking forward to beating former defensive MVP Ray Lewis in what is sure to be a battle featuring quite the clash of styles.  While the Colts are going to the throw the ball all night long against a suspect Ravens secondary, Baltimore will be looking to counter with a grind it out running game to keep the ball away from Indianapolis.  Although Indy has won it’s last seven against the Ravens, this is the playoffs, and records can be tossed out the window. vs This is the time of year where Peyton Manning is going to have to earn all of that endorsement money from the likes of Sprint, DirecTV, Matercard, Oreo, Reebok, Gatorade, etc. etc.   If  Manning chokes away another shot at a title the critics and the fans are going to come calling for his head.  After the 14-0 start to this season the Colts haven’t lost a game that they have actually tried to win all year.  Now it’s time to get back to business and the well-rested and healthy Colts look primed to do just that.  On a personal note, if the Colts lose this game I will break everything in site and will go dormant until mid-April. After the whooping Baltimore gave the Patriots last week they’re feeling pretty damn good about themselves.  I love seeing New England get spanked just as much as the next guy but this is going to be an entirely different scene come Saturday night.  Ray-Ray better channel his inner murderer for this one because the Colts are hungrier than ever and are looking to feed.  The Ravens will get their yards on the ground but gimpy QB Joe Flacco is going to get terrorized all night long by that speedy Indy defense resulting in turnovers and the ballgame. Ray Lewis is going be sent dancing back to that hole of a city Baltimore with the L.  Colts 31-17