Salma Hayek turned 50 on Friday and looking at her makes us believe that 50 is just a number. The radiant Hayek had a head start from the get-go, having spent the last 30 years being one of the most aesthetically pleasing humans on the planet. So that, combined with the resources of her own successful career and, more recently, perhaps those of her billionaire husband, pretty much ensured that she could age as “well” as she damn well pleased.

But the reason we’ve considered Hayek to be ageless for as long as she’s been famous is more of a testament to how she’s lived her life, to her vibrancy, than to how she looks. She was just one of the voices in Sausage Party, for goodness’ sake!And now that we’re seeing our longtime-favorite celebritieswho are turning 40, 45 and 50 but still look younger than that tells us that party doesn’t stop at 35. Apart from Hayek, there are other celebrities as well who look younger at the age of 40s and 50s. Halle Berry, who turned 50 on Aug. 14, looking otherworldly in her bikini the other day—but let’s really praise the fact that she’s always just been Halle Berry, now a mother of two and more life-experienced than she was at 25, but still the same playful, spirited person in interviews and on camera. The same goes for perennial favorite Sandra Bullock, 52 years old and the same goddess she always was, winning the 2016 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress. Melissa McCarthyis 46 and one of the most ubiquitous comedic actresses on the big screen.