Ryan Seacrest's stalker Chidi Benjamin Uzomah

Worst performance ever: Seacrest stalker Chidi Uzomah

On Friday, October 30th, police in Los Angeles arrested, Chidi Uzomah, you may remember him from last month when he was arrested for attacking one of star Ryan Seacrest’s security detail with a knife. Authorities believe Uzomah is dangerous and may intend to harm the star. Uzomah is being held on felony stalking charges. Uzomah was arrested last month on and charged with misdemeanor assualt after he attacked one of Seacrest’s security gaurds outside of an Orange County hospital. Uzomah received three years probation for the attack, but that apparently didn’t phase him. He showed up at radio station KIIS-FM in Burbank looking for Seacrest   (clearly not realizing that the “American Idol” host’s radio show is syndicated out of the E! network offices in L.A.) KIIS staff called police, but no charges where filed. The last straw  occured Friday, October 30th, when Uzomah showed up at the E! offices carrying a knife. That sent Seacrest’s camp into an uproar. Sources say they have been urging the Orange County District Attorney’s office to revoke Uzomah’s probation for his repeated stalking behavior. The OC District Attorney’s is reviewing the case. In the meanwhile, teenage girls can sleep well: Seacrest is safe and Uzomah remains behind bars.