Brazilian law enforcement are investigating the robbery of the four Olympic athletes who claimed they were held at gun point in Rio and robbed. A Brazilian judge ordered for the athletes to remain in the country while the investigation is going on, however Ryan Lochte had already departed to the U.S. Two of the athletes Mr. Conger and Mr. Bentz were detained at Rio de Janerio’s main international airport. The investigators seized their passports so they could be questioned.

The judge is calling out Lochte for the inconsistencies in his statement, “After previously saying that an assailant had put a gun against his forehead, he said that the gun had been aimed in his “general direction.” Mr. Lochte had also previously said that the swimmers had been robbed after the men identifying themselves as police officers pulled over their taxi. On Wednesday, however, he told NBC that the taxi had stopped at a gas station so they could use the bathroom. Mr. Lochte went on to say that the swimmers had been robbed upon returning to the taxi. He ascribed the inconsistencies to “traumatic mischaracterization” caused by stress. Mr. Lochte emphasized to Mr. Lauer that he considered himself as a victim.”

Brazilians were angered and embarrassed that their country would show such poor behavior especially since there were long concerns about holding the Olympics in a country plagued with crime. But now that the inconsistencies in the athlete’s stories have emerged, Brazilians are upset that their country’s image had been smeared in order to cover their stories. Despite the controversy, it is not uncommon for the police in Rio to be implicated in armed assaults.