If you follow basketball rumors, one of the juiciest ones out there is regarding LeBron James’ mama Gloria and former teammate (now with the Celtics) Delonte West. The rumors of them have been swirling the whole offseason. Neither have ever confirmed that this has happened. Some believe this relationship, once LeBron found out about it in the Playoffs, led to Cleveland’s collapse.  

Well, Delonte was asked by a Boston media guy with some brass balls about the alleged affairs with Bron Bron’s mama. Delonte could have shocked the world and belted out that it was the best sex he ever had! Instead, he took the high road, saying.  

“Not at all,” West replied. “I come from an era where you don’t say nothing bad about someone’s parent, so not at all.”  

So he dodged the issue. Smooth move, Delonte. I look at like this. No hard feelings for anyone. These two might have gotten away with their sordid encounters, and all have moved on. LeBron is now in Miami and Delonte is in Boston. It is all water under the bridge…that is until we hear that Gloria James is f*cking Udonis Haslem, or Delonte West is f*cking Kevin Garnett’s mama. I am taking bets on which one will happen first!  

P.S. Am I crazy, but this woman really just looks like LeBron in drag. I mean they look identical in the face. And that is a bad thing. He aint cute as a guy, and but ugly as a woman. Oh, and if Gloria and Delonte ever had kids….DAMN that would be one ugly li’l motherf*cker.