Scott Rothsteins home

As the alleged biggest financial scheme in South Florida history unfolds, you have to wonder how deep is the rabbit hole. It seems unlikely that Rothstein acted alone. The question now is, who else was involved in the potential billion dollar scheme. A lawsuit filed by the D3 Capital Club (an investment group which claims that Rothstein skipped to Morocco with $13.5 million of their money) names Debra Villegas, the chief operating officer of Rothstein’s law firm, who is said to have received a $475,000 home in Weston and a $100,000 Maserati from Rothstein as gifts. In one office email, Rothstein explains his relationship with Villegas: “When she speaks she is speaking for me, thus, absent extraordinary circumstances, no one is to challenge her authority or come to me to attempt to override any decision she makes… Please NEVER tell Debra, or anyone behind Debra’s back, that you are going to just ‘take it to Scott.’ That defeats the purpose of having a COO that I have trusted for nearly 2 decades…” Villegas husband, Tony, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of an attorney who worked for Rothstein, Melissa Lewis.

Also dirtied in the investigation is Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank, which held accounts for Rothstein’s investors, as well as its regional vice president, Frank Spinosa, who is alleged to have met with many of Rothstein’s investors. TD Bank officials claim they had no knowledge of Rothstein’s scheme. Attorneys for the bank said in a statement, “TD Bank has not acted unlawfully in regard to the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler (RRA) accounts… We can confirm that Frank Spinosa is on leave during our internal investigation. We have been cooperating fully with the investigating authorities, and the receiver since this inquiry began and will continue to do so.”

Spinosa’s attorneys said of their client: “He broke no laws, we welcome any fair investigation in this matter because only one conclusion can be reached — Mr. Spinosa acted lawfully at all times. He was unaware of Mr. Rothstein’s scam, he did not participate in it and he absolutely did not profit from it in any manner.”

William Scherer, the attorney who filed the suit on behalf of the D3 group,  argues that TD Bank knew Rothstein’s investments where a Ponzi scheme, saying, “it would have never happened but for a bank.” Also under investigation are RRA’s general counsel, David Boden, the firm’s chief financial officer, Irene Stay, and Rothstein’s uncle, Bill Boockvor, believed to be the man who traveled with Rothstein when he fled to Monaco.