The over-sized but otherwise realistic contraption is 36 feet 7 inches long, nearly nine feet wide and weighs 3,800 pounds.

It requires a group of people to successfully ride and even then it’s usually a short and precarious journey that results in a highly comical wipeout.

So it was predictable that when California Skateparks owner and board co-designer Joe Ciaglia recently tried to give the WLS a solo-whirl down a grassy knoll, he was forced to bail from and nearly trampled by an out-of-control unit that flipped in a wild crash farther down the hill.

What might also have been predictable was that the madcap episode would end up on YouTube and be witnessed by more than a million people.

That board is in Dyrdek’s warehouse. The latest model, owned by Ciaglia and referred to simply as “the big skateboard,” is an exact replica and was recently displayed at New York’s Times Square. It has been featured on commercials and will be used as a prop when Dyrdek’s new show comes out….