The plot thickens and the noose tightens around the Donald Trump administration.

Leaks are everywhere, odd coincidences are piling up, and there seems to be hints and signs of collusion all over the place. None more revealing than the recent breaking news story, that President Donald Trump was actually trying to get FBI Director James Comey to cover up and not pursue the Russia investigation. All of course before he abruptly fired the Director in a letter delivered from Trumps body-guard to the FBI.

The news of the firing of the FBI Director must have been enough to push deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein over the edge in his decision to install a special prosecutor. Former FBI Director and war hero Robert Mueller is now set to head up the Trump / Russia investigation. A move that was all orchestrated by Rosenstein without notifying the White House or the recused Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Both Trump and Session were only told about the special prosecutor after the paperwork had already been filed.

Learn about the new special prosecutor and his work history here: