Oh Rob, when will you learn! Rob Kardashian has gone of the deep end, this time posting naked pictures of Blac Chyna on Instagram! The ex-couple who welcomed their daughter “Dream” this year have been off and on throughout their tumultuous relationship! Now it seems that Blac Chyna for her part has made it 100% known that she is no longer with Rob Kardashian posting videos on Instagram kissing other men! Rob first posted the naked pics of Blac Chyna on Instagram but his account was shut down, he then took to Twitter and posted the same pictures. Kardashian could be in serious legal trouble for posting the nude pics of that hoe, I mean Chyna. California is one of 38 states to pass laws designed to combat revenge porn, California’s law, Penal Code 647 (j)(4) PC took effect in September 2014.

If Chyna decides to take legal action against Rob, he could be looking at 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Chyna could also sue Rob in a civil suit for monetary damages which let’s face it, she probably will do that, because after all that is all Blac Chyna was after, a pay-day with Rob Kardashian.

How Rob did not see that Chyna was using him for fame and money is beyond me, everyone else saw right through her gold digger status. Why didn’t his family stop him from being with her? Especially noting that Rob has been having severe mental issues, especially regarding his weight and self-esteem! Chyna ended up getting exactly what she wanted all along, after all she was dating the brother of his ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend! Chyna even tried to use the Kardashian last name but the Kardashian sisters quickly put a stop to that! Hopefully Rob gets his life together and kicks this gold digger to the curb! Rob we are rotting for you!


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