You know what we love? We love ales, and stouts, and pale ales, and lagers, and pilsners, and wheat beers, and porters, and bitters, and bocks, and barley beers, and Lambics, and brown ales, and cider beers, and saisons, and dunkels, and tripels, and cream ales, and kolsches, and cask ales, and sours, and altbiers, and dubbels, and rye beers, and steam beers, and nitro beers, and seasonals, and quadrupels, and doubles, and goses, and malts, and scotch ales, and helles bocks, and ambers.

We live in Florida. You know where we love to imbibe all of those delightfully hoppy pleasantries? At our spirited neighborhood beach bar, of course! The best thing about our favorite beautifully briny beach bar is the je ne sais quoi . . . is l’ambiance. The vibe, the atmosphere, the bar. It’s the energy when we walk in, or maybe it’s the lack thereof – whatever we’re in the mood for! It’s all of that, and it’s the beers we love, and it’s the bar games.

Nothing like a drunken game of billiards. Heck, there’s nothing more American than a drunken night of billiards! The stacks of quarters on the rail indicating next in line. The schwetty quarter plunger unit that jams up and you go over and order another pitcher for yourself, but then you also have to get the barkeep to follow you back to the table and unlock the change box, but then he can’t reattach the plunger, so he just opens up the trap, and you play for free all night! We love that part.

Oh, and the ring game! The “Ringing the Bull”. The copper ring on the string with the cup-hook driven into the post in the middle of the bar, and you swing it into fellow patrons all night, playing for “next rounds”.

Additionally, we fancy any of the other classics: the Golden Tee; the darts; the “Devil among the tailors; the “drink all the beer”.