Rick Scott’s executive order to drug test all state employees has been blocked by Miami federal Judge Ursula Ungaro. In the ruling, Ungaro said Governor Scott’s order was “hardly transparent and frankly obscure” as well as violating the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment’s search and seizure protections.

“He offers no plausible rationale explaining why the fact that a state employee’s work product and financial status are publicly accessible leads to the conclusions that the employee’s expectation of privacy in his or her bodily functions and fluids are then diminished,” Ungaro wrote.

Scott said he would appeal the decision, which would be another huge waste of the court’s time. Much like this whole executive order nonsense has been, from start to court-blocked finish. Let’s not forget the timeline here. Scott suspended the employee drug test order just days after signing it, when he was sued by over 85,000 public sector employees. He did the same thing just days after he issued a mandate to drug test all welfare recipients. That time, he was sued by the ACLU. Both executive orders are now blocked by two different federal judges.

This raises the real question: why does Rick Scott think it’s ok to waste the State’s time with these nonsense, impossible-to-keep executive orders? In times like these, a real leader would know there are many more important things to be working on than unconstitutional executive orders off the Republican dream list. Rick Scott is living in a political fantasy land if he thinks he has even the slightest chance of enforcing drug tests on public employees or welfare recipients. With his already tarnished track record, he would be better served to pick some battles he can actually win, especially if he ever wants to have any real chance at re-election. [ThomsonReuters]