Today, our focus is on Richard Lippner, one of the top real estate investors in South Florida. This man has retired in his early 30’s as a millionaire and states that investment in real estate is the best way to make money.

He started as an employee, but quickly came to realization that the only way to become successful and rich is by switching from employee to investor. After considering different options he set his eye on real estate.

Rich Lippner always had his heard set on real estate. He had a passion for it ever since he graduated from college. He bought his first property with a partner and started a small business shortly after that. Gradually he moved to commercial properties from residential; and today, Richard owns multi-million properties all around South Florida and on the East Coast.

When we asked Richard Lippner why he decided investment in real estate are better than other types of investments, he pointed out a couple of things that we think are worth mentioning.

First of all, you have more control over your investment. When you own shares in a company, you don’t have any control over your investment. You never really know what’s going on within the company. And there are numerous examples of corporations that went belly up leaving their shareholders high and dry. With real estate investment, you always have control over your property. You can influence the bills and you can always take the measures if you start losing money.

Richard Lippner says that real estate investment gives you a variety of ways to make money. First, and the most classical, is appreciation of the property with time. And second, you can rent the property, covering the mortgage expenses and making money on top of that. If your property is in the hot spot, you can also make money with advertisement space rental With shares, your options are limited. You can either buy them or sell them. That’s it.

Richard Lippner is not only a successful real estate investor, one of the top in South Florida who retired at the age of 31 as a millionaire. Rich is also a karate Black Belt who trained with the best masters on the East Coast. He believes in the harmony of body and mind.