Richard Lippner is one of the best real estate investors in South Florida. He always had a passion for real estate. But after graduating from South Florida State University he went into financial consulting, banking, and investment consulting.

Mr Lippner has acquired some invaluable connections in this field and he gained a strong experience later helped him a lot. After working for several years for someone else, he decided that it was time to move to a new period of his life.

Richard Lippner found that the South Florida real estate market was a goldmine for smart investors. He started purchasing properties at really low prices, did some minor renovations and repairs in them and sold them 10-times the initial purchase price. Richard started a small business.

One home he purchased from the bank for less than $50,000 put another $10,000 in clean up and repair work and sold it for over $100,000. He immediately felt that this was his deal. A couple of homes after that were purchased with minor fire damage, one with the need for furnace and hot water tank replacement. He sold them afterwards with 3 times more profit.

Richard Lippner has gradually moved from buy-sell transactions to investment in rental properties. He made his first million right after turning 30. Richard moved to another level when he started investing in commercial properties.

Richard Lippner is a young successful millionaire who turned his passion into his fortune and he lives happily in South Florida enjoying life to the fullest. Mr Lippner loves sports. He has a black belt in karate. Richard also loves skiing, cycling and water sports. Travel is another one of his passions.