Topless just in time for summer


Maserati lovers, get ready for more action this spring because it looks like all of your dreams have finally come true. What you’ve all been hoping and praying for is finally here. Say hello to The 2010 Maserati GranCabrio convertible.  

Recently debuted at the Frankfurt International Auto show, the new GranCabrio is unlike any Maserati I have ever seen. This sublimely crafted auto is an insanely handsome vehicle, with polished curves and aggressive light displays, and with its intimidating stance, this beauty just screams, “Get down to business.” Now that she let her top down, The Maserati GranCabrio will easily be a top seller, especially in South Florida which accounts for a large percentage of exotic sales in the US.  

In the past half-decade or so, Maserati has really raised the standard on exotics available now on the market. Most often noted in the past for their sport coupes which were less expensive, yet quite comparable in performance to their first cousin, the Ferrari, Maserati gained many new vantage points when in 2004 the 1963 classic 4-door Quattroporte was redesigned with striking beauty, securing a firm position alongside other top exotics. Following shortly thereafter,  the Gran Turismo version, which boasted an even sexier 2-door coupe was released, and now to add another cherry on your pie, Modena gives us the topless beauty: The 2010 Maserati GranCabrio.  

The interior is as luxurious as usual, much of it hand-made, with premium leather and a futuristic console. The seats are quite comfortable which makes for an unbelievably smooth ride, and even better, this coupe seats four. The rear cabin actually has true seats for your other passengers, not the small and uncomfortable buckets offered in many other makes.  

The 2010 edition has a healthy V8 engine, thrusting over 430hp to the wheels. To propel this engineering marvel, a 6-geared, automatic, paddle-shifting system allows the driver to effortlessly shift in the blink of an eye, actually shaving seconds off of the acceleration time vs. a traditional manual shift. You may have noticed that most modern circuit racers use this type of system for the quickest and most accurate shifting possible.  

To sum her up, the ever-impressive GranCabrio is well worth your attention. Well, auto fanatics, spring is here, and the 2010 Maserati GranCabrio is definitely worth a close look. Look for availability in Spring 2010.  

Estimated price tag: $150,000