The Holy Land Experience in Orlando Florida turns 10 years old today. Yes everyone’s favorite vacation, nothing like seeing the savior beaten and killed for your sins! Perfect timing considering its socially acceptable to be a Republican again. This must have been an act of god, things like this don’t just happen on accident. It must be a godsend, the perfect place for all the Republicans to have their victory parties. I can see it now all the Repub’s on their knees thanking Jesus for letting them win and taking pictures with him on the “walk on water” attraction. Sounds epic doesn’t it? I know what your thinking, your thinking Kid, how can an everyday Joe like me get in on some Grand Ole Party, Jesus loving, fun? Well don’t worry folks, I got ya, if you would like to join in on some good old Repub fun, you can contact the Holy Land Experience at their website Just remember to bring your wallet because meeting Moses doesn’t come cheap. Nope its a cool $50 bucks to visit the Garden of Edan and that doesn’t include meals or shopping. Don’t sweat it though, spend your savings, you’ll be stimulating the economy and the best part is you don’t have to give Uncle Sam sh*t, The Holy Land Experience is tax free! Even though it’s a totally for-profit amusement park, that’s not owned by the Catholic Church, but instead is owned by the Christian Broadcasting Network. They purchased it from a baptist preacher three years ago for $37 million dollars.

Holy Land Experience Orlando