Those crafty mofos…

You really have to give to the Republicans, they are like roaches they creep around and get into everything. They are resilient as hell too, and they are not afraid to fight dirty. That’s why as democrats we need to stay vigilante and be aware of the realities of dirty war we are actually fighting in.

The Sinclair Group backed by who knows who, has just made a power move, to own the largest share of trusted local news channels on the planet. The only problem is, the Sinclair Group, spoon feeds republican right-wing news stories to its news outlets like a dictator does in a repressed banana republic.

You gotta take a second and watch this clip from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, it will blow your mind how dishonest and dirty the republicans are playing with our local news. It also wouldn’t hurt to find out who owns your local news outlet to see if you’ll be affected by this game changing media sale.

We are literally about to lose the local news in America folks. This is a dangerous time for the safe transfer free and honest information. It’s world war three out there, and it’s an information war happening right now right before our very eyes.  The republicans are coming after your information from every angle. Your ability to know the truth is at stake.

Better get off the couch and in the game people before every channel you turn to is Fox News!